Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm going to be a BIG SISTER!

While many things seem to excite Waveland these days, nothing excites her more than the fact that she is going to be a BIG SISTER! She tells everyone she meets that she is going to be a big sister and that we are going to have a 'baby brudder' soon. Here dreams will all come true in exactly one week from today. This is a picture of her baby brother taken at 28 weeks.
If you ask Waveland what she would like her baby brother's name to be, she inevitably will tell you that his name will be 'Gale.' However, she also says she will probably call him 'Alice.' We are not sure why she likes this name so much, but she has taken a liking to this name despite the fact that Mommy and Daddy have yet to tell her his real name. Waveland was asked if she would like to buy baby brother a birthday gift and below is the picture of what she chose to give him. I'm sure she would be delighted to tell you all about what she chose and why. This is supposed to be his 'coming home' outfit (plus 'binkies,' which are essential baby gear as far as Waveland is concerned).


Leslie said...

Wow, Waveland! You are a good shopper! Gramma and Grampa think you did very well at picking out new clothes for your baby brother. He is coming to your house soon. Uncle Mikey and Aunt Joanna will be there. Then you will have lots of people to play with when Aunt Alaina, Uncle Jeremy and Edwin come visit too! We sure love you all! Hugs and kisses from Gramma and Grampa to you! XOXOX

Ed said...

Alice would be the name of Waveland's Great, Great Grandmother on her Dad's side of the family. Great Grandma Schupbach's Mom's name was Alice: Alice Otilda Steffen Funk.

If Waveland's Brudder is named Alice, it would definitely be a first in the family although not the first time the name was used.

Auntie Beth said...

Alice Cooper says naming baby brudder 'Alice' rocks!!!

Waveland, you are going to be the best big sister ever! I know you will be the most amazing helper to your mommy and daddy. And best of all, if he ever gets sad or crabby, you can sing songs to him and it will cheer him up right away!!!

Auntie Beth

Jayla said...

Great stuff! I'm getting a kick out of reading blog.