Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At the Park with Edwin

Waveland and Edwin made a date to meet up at the park. They had lots of fun checking out all the park equipment as there was much to explore. Here they are climbing on a tractor.
Waveland's favorite was the climbing wall. She LOVES to climb!
Edwin's favorite was the construction crew installing a new trash can. He enjoys figuring out how things work.
Here's Waveland dangling over the slide just before take-off.
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What a fun day at the park!


Joanna Kay said...

How much fun! Tomorrow we'll be there to join in the playtime!!!
P.S. Alaina or Jeremy if you read this I LOVE Edwin's cameo jacket!

eunice schupbach said...

I would love to be there to watch those two in action! Is Edwin's hair getting darker like his dad's? Waveland is so brave...rock climbing already. She will be going mountain climbing with grandpa before you know it. Grandma S.