Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching Up: Salida, CO

In January, Jordan had to do some work in Salida, CO. Rochelle and Waveland were able to tag-along and meet up with some friends from Gunnison, CO. While there was some snow on the ground, it was beautiful enough that Waveland and Rochelle spent a great deal at the town park. There was a river near by where Waveland watched people fishing. Here, she informed Rochelle that she was "fishing." It looks more like she is 'ice fishing' without the water.
Waiting for her friends to meet her at the park.
Once her friends arrived, they enjoyed a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Waveland was completely smitten with baby Asher and wanted to hold him continuously. She kept telling everyone that he was her baby brother. This was before she knew that she really was going to be a big sister to a little brother. (Not so sure if baby Asher was as into the idea of Waveland holding him.)
Ah, yes...the three stooges all posing for some fun pics while warming up from playing at the park.

It was so much fun to see our friends...Thanks for a great time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching UP: Gingerbread Cookies for Santa

Waveland wanted to make gingerbread cookies for Santa this, Rochelle prepped and rolled out the dough and got ready for some serious cookie cutting and baking with Waveland. Here, Waveland is cutting out 'Mommy, Daddy and little girl' cookies. She had to make sure there was enough of each to make families.
Of course, Waveland had to sample the first batch of cookies.
Besides sampling, Waveland's favorite part was rolling balls out of the left overs and squishing them in her hands.
The finished product...frosting and all. Hmmm...well almost the finished product.
"Hey Waveland, what happened to this 'daddy' cookie's head?"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catching Up: Santa

Waveland was privileged to have Santa visit her twice during this Christmas season. Once in Colorado, which is pictured above and a second time in Illinois. The difference.....Santa only ate his cookies and drank his milk leaving behind toys and goodies to let us know that he had visited our house in Colorado.

In Illinois....well, he snuck into the house and delivered packages to the kids in person on Christmas morning. As Waveland recalls, "He snuck around the window, opened the door and came into Grampa and Gramma's house. He said...'Ho, ho, ho!' Then I asked him...'where are you going?'" She forgets what Santa said to her next, but he replied, "Back to the North Pole to feed my reindeer." Waveland's reply, "Oh, they like dog food!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catching Up: Christmas

Christmas came a little early to our house, since we traveled to Illinois to join the Schupbach/Icenogle family to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Here, Waveland is opening her very first Christmas gift. And after much work, was excited to discover that she finally had Peppermint tea to drink! (However, after trying it later that morning, she decided she was not a fan.)

For those of you who know Waveland, you know one of her passions is shoes! So, for Christmas she received a couple of pairs. These are what she refers to as her "running" shoes. She believes that she can run super fast in these puppies and is so happy that she finally has a pair of shoes she can put on all by herself.
Pair number two: Tall brown boots like mommy's. 'We have the same....we match mommy." She immediately put these on (as she can put these on all by her 'big-girl' self) and insisted that Mommy put hers on too!
Ahh, yes and what is Christmas without a nice snuggly monster towel with a hood. She loved it!
Oh, but Mom and Dad did not forget the toys. Oh yes, Waveland can finally play doctor with a 'real' doctor set.
And here she is trying it out on Daddy.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching up: Halloween

Upon leaving for a trip early in the morning, Rochelle left the camera charger on top of the car as we drove away only to return home after our trip to find we had run over the charger, making it virtually impossible to retrieve images from our "dead" camera. So, we are now going to play a little game of catch-up! Beginning with Halloween.

After watching the movie Aristocats for several months, Waveland decided that she would like to be a cat for Halloween. So, we dressed her up as a 'wild' cat, hot pink boots and all! We took a little trip to 'Boo at the Zoo' and then later joined Jer, Alaina, and cousin Edwin, the carpenter at Dave and Barb White's house. We ate yummy food, gave candy to trick-o-treaters and of course enjoyed some time in the wagon!
Here, Edwin is a bit skeptical of his mischievous 'cat' cousin.
But, both are thrilled after figuring out that candy was involved in this gig!