Monday, January 25, 2010


Seeing how it has been over four months since our last post, I think we better catch up.
Here's a little two-year-old birthday magic!
"This tricycle is really cool, but why do you suppose they put tassels on the end of the handle-bars?"
Waveland loves balloons and specifically requested that she have them at her party. When asked what color she wanted, she always replied "lellow." However, the day of her party, she asked "where are the blue balloons?"
Bring on the grub!

Feeding her cousin Edwin a bite! Always willing to share her food.
Now cousin Paxton is getting in on the balloon action.
"Why did it have to rain on MY party?"
She obviously got over it when she remembered she had received a new shiny red tricycle. Thanks Grampa and Gramma!

"Hello Presents! I LOVE this birthday party stuff!"

Edwin trying out the tricycle.
And now Paxton!
What a great birthday! Thanks to everyone!