Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dancing Waveland

Waveland LOVES the Beach Boys, and simply can't keep her feet from moving!  Check her out by clicking on this video:

Move over, Becca!  There's a new dancer in the family!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Waveland has enjoyed the pleasure of bubbles for a very long time, however she recently discovered that the bubbles in the dish water were a special variety.

They are absolutely perfect for dressing your nose (and Daddy's nose), although they can make you cross your eyes if you try to look at them! Everytime we do the dishes, she insists that we ALL (with the exception of Banjo) place bubbles on our noses. But her favorite part, is not the placing them on her nose, but rather blowing them off and watching them float away. Here she and her daddy prepare to blow their bubbles off of their noses. The next time you are washing dishes, try it. You just might like it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Banjo the Table

Banjo has taken on many roles since Waveland was born. She has been a walking buddy, a friend, a secret-keeper, a ride, a chair, a pillow, a stool and now a TABLE.  Poor Banjo!  Actually, she loves every minute of the attention these roles entail (though you couldn't tell it by her eyes).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Waveland has decided that playing with aprons is much more fun than cooking or dressing up in fairy skirts. Here she is posing to show off her beautiful apron/dress, courtesy of Grandma-Great Icenogle!
After posing for the still-shot, Waveland wanted to show off her runway-walk. You can see she takes this fashion stuff very seriously. 
Oh yes, Waveland recognized this wonderful Starbuck's apron and thought if she put it on, Mommy would take her to Starbuck's for a treat. (Loaf of Pumpkin, anyone?) Not sure Mommy got the hint...
When all else fails, use a little charm to get what you want. (Um, did you say Pumpkin Bread?)
Wouldn't you buy this cutie some pumpkin bread, or an entire loaf for that matter?