Friday, February 27, 2009


Waveland's new favorite hobby..."helping" mommy with the dishes!
She actually goes into the dining room, scoots one of our dining room chairs across our hardwood floors into the kitchen, and climbs up on it when she sees mommy getting ready to do some dishes!
She took a quick break to pose for this picture.
But then it was right back to work! This spoon has likely never been as clean as it was when Waveland was done with it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waveland's first haircut!

Well, little Waveland got her first ever haircut! Mommy decided it was time to trim it up a bit. So, after her bath, Waveland sat down with Mommy and they got busy!We have to say, she was very well behaved! She followed directions very well and sat very still.
It turns out that Mommy is a very good hair stylist!
In fact, it looks like the camera freaked her out more than the scissors.
Almost done!
And here she is, fresh from the beauty shop!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy busy busy!

Waveland wanted us to apologize for her. She's been too busy to help us with any blogs lately. This afternoon, we were finally able to sit her down to get some of her comments on what exactly she's been up to lately! So, without further ado, here is what Waveland has been doing:

First, she is always on the go. Here she is, stopping for a quick photo with TWO purses in hand ready to hit the stores!
Luckily, she can hang them on her baby's stroller handle...just like her mommy does.
She has also been spending lots of time playing dress up with the great tu-tus that Onna made for her! She loves this pink one.
Of course, one cannot dress up in tu-tus alone. Fortunately for Waveland, Banjo volunteered to wear the green one and play "dress up" with her.
Banjo was slightly less excited about the experience than Waveland was...
She has also been experimenting with different hiding places in case anyone springs a game of "Hide and Seek" on her. She wants to be prepared!
See! You'd never find her here, would you!?
And last, she has been working on her fake smile. This is what you get when you say "Waveland! Smile for Daddy!"

Hopefully that catches everyone up for now! We'll post more pictures soon...if we can catch her!