Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Shopping Trip

We began to get a bit concerned about Waveland and Paxton when they decided it was fun to lock each other in Banjo's dog crate. Here's Waveland, with the upper hand for the moment.
So, instead of letting them imprison each other all day long, Mommy and Onna took them shopping with the girls! Of course, for a big trip like that, you need to polish up a bit. So into the bath they went!
Here they are with Onna, learning the fine art of locating a good deal! Waveland points one out...
She sure thinks she runs the show, doesn't she!
They were a couple of tired little shoppers on the way home!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Waveland's Favorite Bank

Anytime we're in Texas, Waveland LOVES to go visit her favorite bank. It's the one where Onna works, but Waveland has LOTS of friends there! Of course, she's always a bit shy at first...
But all it takes is a rubber alligator to pull her out of her shell!
Don't let her fool you...she loves all the attention!
And of course, what is a trip to the bank without some candy! This time, it was Smarties from Onna. Thanks, Onna!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Onna's House

Paxton and Waveland found some great things to get into at Onna and Papa's house. Like this vase full of feathers, for example!
Waveland got some neat tu-tu's for Christmas. She loved them, and so did Paxton!
Waveland also got this great stroller for her dolls. She walks around all over the house with it pushing her baby Owen and Elmo around. She loves it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Texas Christmas!

Well, here we are, finally completing a Christmas post at the end of January. That's about how busy we've been!

Christmas was in Texas this year, and Waveland had a GREAT time! Our first stop was at Martha's house for a family get-together on Christmas Eve. There were LOTS of presents, and Waveland and Paxton were happy to run around and check each one out!
Here's Martha, Sheila and Nick getting ready to read the Christmas Story and open some presents!
Here's Waveland, helping Aunt Jenne open her present. She thought she was so sneaky...
Waveland's cousin Travis got into the action as well!
It was great to see the family again. Here are Penny and Erin opening some gifts!
Paxton and Waveland decided that their favorite present was this toy box, which they each took turns climbing on and jumping off of. What fun!
Grandma D got this beautiful angel, which Waveland thought was hers.
Check out Grandpa Rex in his new hat! He looks sharp...Jordan almost went out and got on that afternoon!
Waveland by the tree.
Waveland had a little crush on her cousin, Hayden.
The kids showing off their toys.
Aunt Kandice with Waveland and Waveland's cell phone.
Here are Paxton and Waveland, lamenting the invention of lids on cookie tins...
Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Orville have a deer feeder outside their house, and Paxton and Waveland loved to play with the corn!

Christmas was a great time! We're hoping to get back to Texas soon, maybe this summer. "Thanks for all the great gifts everyone!" - Waveland