Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First Boat Ride

This summer, we had a visit from Rochelle's dad, Grandpa Hal. Here are the two of them, out on the Cherry Creek Reservoir.
And here's little Waveland...getting swallowed up by her life preserver!
At the same time, Aunt Jenne, Cousin Paxton, and our good friend Robin came to visit! It was Waveland's birthday weekend, and we had lots of great friends and family to help us celebrate.
Waveland and Grandpa Hal.
Robin and buds.
Waveland and Paxton held hands at the front of the pontoon boat. It was Waveland's first boat ride!
Daddy had to do a little reassuring at first, but before long, she was loving it! It was a great day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Cubs Shirt!

Check out my new Cubs shirt!!!
Oh, maybe we'll do better next year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Grampa and Gramma's house is so much fun! Here, Fairy Lenora and Fairy Adelia pose for a picture with their mom, Becca.
Ahhh, relaxing on the deck. Enjoying homemade asian cuisine.
The cooks: Mikey and his Mrs. Joanna. (married September 6)
Waveland absolutely loves shoes and on this trip she was able to explore the wonders of real wooden shoes worn by the Dutch.
Oh yes, she can't resist, Aunt Jo's high-heel shoes. She of course, always wears high-heals while shopping for groceries.
The fun continues when Gramma took the grandkids swimming. Here Adelia, sits watching Waveland and Lenora as they pose like pretty mermaids.
Gramma and Grampa leave nothing out...they also gave Waveland an early birthday present, which she insisted she use the entire plane trip home.
But, every good thing must come to an end....including moving walkways at the airport. See you in Spokane, WA!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After leaving Chicago, Waveland decided she had not had enough baseball. We met up with Grampa and Gramma and all headed to watch the Peoria Chiefs play in the rain. Here is Lenora and Waveland holding hands on our walk from the parking lot to the stadium.
In this picture, Jordan, Lenora and Waveland were jumping with excitement, as the Peoria Chiefs hit a nice run!
Did you see that throw!
"I've had enough with this cheerleading gig, I'm going to escape out to the field to join them in all the fun."
This has been a great day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicago Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, we took a GREAT trip to Chicago. We stayed downtown, went to a Cubs game, had some Chicago-style Pizza, and spent some time on Navy Pier.

Speaking of Navy Pier, they have a great ferris wheel! It is REALLY tall, and Waveland loved looking down at the people below.
Of course, we had to ride the carousel also. Waveland loves these things!
Here's a quick shot of Daddy and Waveland near a fountain. Maybe next year she can run around in the water!
We spent some time downtown just walking around and seeing the sights.
And of course, we got to eat some Chicago-style hot dogs! Here goes Daddy!
Here goes Mommy!
And here goes Waveland!!
Waveland's favorite part of the trip was riding the train from Chicago to Bloomington! Uncle Jonah and Waveland looked out the window at the scenery speeding by, while Aunt Becca examined the safety guidelines provided by Amtrak.

We had lots of fun! Can't wait to get to another Cubs game!

2 months!

2 months...that's how long it's been since we posted a blog! We have some excuses, though not necessarily good ones. We traveled for about 3 weeks, Jordan has taken a new job, and we have had LOTS of visitors! If you don't think those are acceptable excuses, at least take them as an indication that we have many great pictures to share with you in the next couple of weeks. We'll start with two quick videos.

In this one, Waveland shows some of her dance moves:

And this one, where Waveland puts Baby Owen to sleep:

Keep checking back, we've got lots more coming up!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


These pictures pretty much speak for themselves...

Playing in the Rain!

We have had a ton of rain here lately, and Waveland has been longing to go outside to check it out! So, on a drizzly afternoon, Waveland and Mommy ventured out to see the puddles!

As you can see, Waveland had no problem getting right down to business!

It looks like Waveland has a new favorite rainy-day activity!

YPF Bash

We recently attended the Young Philanthropist Foundation's annual Bash!  The YPF is a great organization that teaches children to be generous, involved members of our community.  We are glad to support their work!

There was a superhero theme, and Waveland had the chance to show off her superhero skills! Check her out below:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Waveland recently started swimming lessons at a pool by our house.  Twice a week, she gets her suit on and goes with Mommy to the pool to learn the fine art of the freestyle stroke.

At first, she was a bit apprehensive.  You can see her here suspiciously eyeing the facility and the roaring waves in the background.  But mommy just talks to her gently and encourages her, and then she's good to go!
Swimming lessons can be exhausting!  Here she is taking a little break.
Waveland generally does not do a whole lot of smiling or laughing or yelling during her lessons.  She takes them very seriously.  She works on  her kicks and her toy chasing and her bubble blowing with great determination!
Mommy, however, is all smiles!
Here's one of those rare shots of her smiling!  She just finished a forward kick exercise and was pleased at her performance.
From her back to her belly now, and more determined than ever!  She won't be distracted by the other kids...she's got swimming to do!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mommy and Waveland recently took a trip to visit our Texas family!  Waveland was quick to get into her Texas role.
A real Texas longhorn, one of Waveland's favorites (right behind real Texas Llamas)!
West Texas can produce some BIIIIIIG storms!  Check out this one rolling in.
Onna gave Waveland a ride on the 4-wheeler.  Waveland loved it!
Here's Poppa getting the 4-wheeler started for Waveland.
Aunt Jenne and Waveland in their matching red.
Here's Hayden, Harrison, Travis, Waveland, Paxton, and Jenne's arm!