Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Colorado Christmas!

Santa decided to come by our place a little early for Waveland since we are going to be traveling on Dec 24 and then have Christmas in Texas on Dec 25. After staring at the wrapped presents under the tree for the last 2 weeks, Waveland was absolutely fine with that plan.

Here she is, getting ready for action!
I wonder what is in that drum-shaped package...
Oh, it's a drum!
This particular drum is full of lots of fun and loud noisemakers. Thanks, Santa!
Waveland got a couple of bottles to feed her baby, Owen.
Here she is in feeding action.
In case you can't tell by the picture, Waveland was extremely excited to receive this kitty keyboard!
Waiting patiently while mommy unwraps the keyboard...
Ready to take the band on the road!
Check her out in her first music video!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Joanna comes to town!

We recently had a quick visit from Aunt Joanna! She was in Colorado Springs on business, and took a day to come and see us in Denver. How lucky we are!

Waveland was thrilled!
Here's Waveland showing her faces for Joanna. "Show me a happy face!"
"Now show me a mad face!"
Maybe we should have stuck with the happy faces, because Waveland ended up in a Time Out for taking a swing at her Daddy.
Her "Time Out Corner".
Then, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Alaina and Eddie came to visit! Waveland loves to share her toys with Eddie.
We could tell she was getting hungry when she started trying to figure out how to get into the fridge...
So we all went to Red Robin and celebrated Jordan and Jeremy's birthdays! Waveland and her green crayon.
When they brought out the surprise birthday dessert, Waveland politely indicated that she would like a bite.
She's cute. We love her.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksmas in Illinois

We recently got back to Colorado after taking a trip to Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas with our family there. As you can see, it was a full house!
There was food and fun for all (check out that turkey)!
Grandpa and Grandma helped Waveland and Eddie play the piano.
Thanks to all the Christmas goodies, Waveland ran around like a crazy girl! Here she is trying on Aunt Alaina's boots!
She loved playing with all of Great Grandma's bears. Here she is with Grandma and Bear #1...
and playing horsey with Grandpa...
and giving some love to Eddie!
She finally ran Banjo and the stuffed monkey out of energy, but she wasn't finished yet!
Uncle Jeremy thought he might get a nap, but Waveland had other plans!
And then, when the sugar started to wear off, Waveland and Bear #2 needed a break.
She found a cozy spot, snuggled up in her the new blanket that Great Grandma Schupbach made for her!
Of course, there are few places better to sleep than in Grandpa's arms.
Waveland contemplates the McDonald's playground.
She certainly had a great time!
The day after we left...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rough night last night...

Waveland had a rough night last night...
She woke up this morning and had obviously been sick during the night. She also got sick again 2 more times in the next hour or so, so we decided it would be best if Waveland called in sick and spent the day with Mommy at home. So, we put her in some really comfy PJ's (thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Great!) and let her relax.
She's so cute, even when she's sick. Crabby, but cute.
By the afternoon (new outfit, this one's is from Bud and Penny, she'd been sick again!), she was starting to feel better and decided it was time to eat!
Mommy wasn't so sure...she didn't want to feed Waveland too early in case she still had an upset stomach. So, Waveland decided to rummage through the cupboards to find her own lunch!
Finally, Mommy gave her a cracker, which she promptly shared with her best friend Banjo as they sat beneath the Christmas tree.
She's been pretty good since. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will come and she'll be back to her old self!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunshine Park

Here we are, back at Sunshine Park (that's Waveland's name for it) on one of the nicest days this fall. She LOVES to climb.
In fact, she's great at going up. Now, going down, that's different story...
Of course, any kid loves playing in sand!
Waveland enjoying all the nature that her Sunshine Park has to offer.
And running in the leaves!
She really enjoys kicking leaves around, too. Anyone still trying to think of a Christmas present for Waveland might fill a garbage bag with old, dry leaves and dump them in her bedroom. She'd love it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helping in the Kitchen

Waveland has become quite the little kitchen helper. Mommy puts an apron on her and gives her some utensils (not knives) and off she goes! We were thinking about changing her name to Emeril, but then we realized that would be stupid.
Here she is putting some much needed spices on a boca burger!
Fortunately, amongst her busy baking schedule, she had a brief second to pose for a picture.
When you're done baking and cooking for the day, there's nothing like a drink of ground cinnamon to help you relax!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Winter Clothes

Waveland loves her new winter clothes, as you can tell by this out-of-focus picture!
She also loves biting Banjo's nose while wearing her new winter clothes!
What a cutie...