Monday, September 29, 2008

Texas Part 5: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

While visiting her Onna, Waveland refined her love of shoes. As you can see, Waveland's Onna really LOVES shoes, too!

On more than one occasion, Rochelle found Waveland in her Onna's closet trying on her Onna's shoes.
Waveland thought she was in shoe heaven!
Onna, finally assisted Waveland in trying on a few pairs of shoes. Here she tried on a pair to match her outfit.
These were fun to slip into and walk around the house. (With a little help, of course.)
And of course, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the high-heeled flip-flop.
"Oh, Shoes! I think I love you!!!"
This concludes our long Texas series. The girls really did have a lot of fun!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Texas Part 4: The Bank Robbery

That's right, Waveland robbed a bank while she was in Texas....with her big eyes and fun personality. Waveland's Onna works at a bank and she stole the hearts of all the ladies
that work with her Onna.
Here, Waveland is testing out the bank equipment (adding machine). Oh yes, she was hard at work helping Ruth crunch numbers.
Soon, after she was given free reign of the bank, Waveland decided to make her great escape by horse. (I would like to add that this is her first horse ride.) She looks like a pro. Too, bad this one is made of bronze. Maybe, next time she can ride a real horse.
Since, the horse did not take her very far, she decided to make her escape the best way she knows how....crawling her way out. I'm pretty sure she is thought that nobody would notice her making her way to the door.
"Oops! I got caught on camera."

Waveland, loves visiting the bank with her Onna. She has lots of fun with all the wonderful people who work there. Thanks for such a great time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Texas Part 3: Fun with Onna

Waveland also had a lot of fun hanging around her Onna and Papa's house. She and Onna spent a great deal of time watching Onna's kittens play.
Waveland, her Onna and Rochelle all visited Caprock Canyon to see the beautiful scenery. Waveland, do see any buffalo out there?
Look Onna, I think we found them! They look like cows.
Woe! That's what a buffalo looks like up close?!
Later, Waveland took some time out for some bathtub stretching before she began her ballet performance for Onna.
Here, Waveland is relaxing on her Onna's sheep-skin rug.
And Mommy joins in on the fun.
"Mommy, don't I look grown up?"
After a little rest, Onna and Waveland played the piano and organ at Grandpa and Grandma D's house.
It was a beautiful concert.
Yes, Waveland had lots of fun with her Onna.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Texas Part 2: More Family

After visiting our family in Dallas, Waveland and Rochelle went to visit some more family in West Texas. Waveland and Grandma D had a lot of fun playing with the television remote control. Waveland loved pushing ALL the buttons.
Here, Grandpa D and Waveland are having a nice little chat about all of Grandpa's toy tractors. While Waveland found this very interesting, I think she was more interested in driving them around on the floor.
Oh yes, and getting re-aquainted with Aunt Penny was a lot of fun! Look out, it's lunch time and Waveland is ready to eat!!!

Waveland liked giving Uncle Bud the walking tour of Onna and Papa's house. I think she did this several times in a matter of minutes.
Waveland took a moment to watch Onna's cats wrestling with one another with Grandpa Orvil.
Here, Waveland was telling Grandma Ruth all about her adventurous day...going to Grandma and Grandpa D's, watching the cats roll around, playing with Papa, and of course going shopping.
Here, Waveland wanted to show Martha how well she can balance her shoe on top of her head. She had practiced her technique all the way back from Grandpa and Grandma D's house. She might be able to join the circus if she keeps it up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Texas Part 1: Paxton Turns One!

Waveland and Rochelle were able to surprise Aunt Jenne and Cousin Paxton for Paxton's 1st Birthday.
As you can see, Paxton was very excited.
Of course, cousins Harrison and Hayden were there. In fact, they and their parents hosted the party at their house.
Here is cousin, Travis taking time out of his busy toddler schedule to pose for a picture. Everyone had such a good time eating, playing, and swimming.
And of course, Travis did not come alone. He was accompanied by his mother, cousin Erin.
Grandpa and Grandma D were able to attend the party as well. Here, Waveland is making a play for Grandma D's iced tea on her way to try to help Paxton open his gifts.
Waveland paused for a quick pose with her Onna as she made her way even closer to Paxton's toys.
And, she made it!!!! (And Paxton had no idea!)
Here, she is thinking, "I wonder if anyone would notice if I put that toy under my shirt and took it home to Colorado."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yep, that's right. Big girls WALK!

Well, guess what Waveland did for the first time yesterday...

Now Mommy's going to be REALLY busy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Onna Wides a Harwee

Recently, Rochelle and Waveland took a trip to Texas to visit all of our Texas family. Waveland tried many new things while on her visit. One thing that especially stuck with her was her first time on her Onna and Papa's Harley. (She did not actually go for a ride, however she did sit on it while the engine was rumbling. )
She thought she was pretty cool sitting on such a slick ride.

Waveland wanted to check out the loud pipes.
Here, her Onna is teaching her to give a thumbs-up so she will fit in with all of her Harley-riding friends in Texas.

Waveland enjoyed her Harley experience so much that she begged her Mom and Dad to take her to her very first Motorcycle Rally in Loveland, Colorado. Here she is sporting her new Harley-Davidson shirt.
What do you think of these threads, Onna?
I guess we will have to keep a close on this little motorcycle dare-devil.