Thursday, July 31, 2008

St Mary's Glacier

Waveland's Grandpa and Gramma Schupbach are in town, and we all decided to take a hike up to St. Mary's Glacier near Alice, CO.
Of course, every good hike starts with a good cup of coffee, so we stopped at a little roastery in Idaho Springs, CO. This is Grandpa's favorite coffee shop in the whole world! Waveland hung out in Grandpa's lap and entertained the locals while eating at least half of everyone's pastries.
What a great start to the day!
And here, only slightly less enthused, is Waveland with Daddy. She's all strapped into her pack and ready to hike (or ride, actually)!
Grandpa and Gramma on their way to the trailhead. It was a beautiful day!
Here we all are just a couple of hundred feet up the hike. We turned around and had an incredible view to the west.
And here we are up at the lake at the base of St. Mary's Glacier. That water is COLD! Just ask Grandpa!
Aunt Joanna traverses a particularly dangerous section of roaring stream...
3 of the 4 girls on our hike, here's Aunt Joanna, Mommy, and Gramma.
The view west from the glacier as a summer storm rolls in.
At the base of St. Mary's Glacier.
One hot momma!
Waveland, conked out!
And here is Waveland, patiently (?) waiting for pizza!

We had a great little hike; it was Waveland's first! She did great, and we're looking forward to making the trip again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waveland's FIRST BIRTHDAY, Part II

We just got a bunch more pictures from Aunt Joanna's camera, so we thought we'd share a couple more of Waveland's birthday party!

Here's Waveland all dressed up for her party

Here she is with one of her favorite cards. It's a "1"! Checking out the balloons with Gramma Schupbach. Here she is with a great outfit from Great Grandpa and Grandma Schupbach.

Of course, there was plenty of food. We grilled hamburgers and brats and had chips and all kinds of stuff. Barb White brought some great fried zuchini, and Amanda brought some great chip dip.Banjo watched over the food and kept the squirrels away...
Sometimes, it was fun for Waveland to take a break from the spotlight and just watch the action.
Here she is trying to teach Cousin Edwin how to undo his hat.
Spending a minute with Daddy and waving at the camera.
And a final goodbye smile from Edwin!


We're not sure where the last year went.

Little Waveland Eliza turned 1 year old on July 25th, and we had a birthday bash yesterday afternoon at Wash Park! It was great, we had friends and family from Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Colorado come join us in celebrating Waveland's life. Instead of the usual babbling, we'll just put up some pictures.

Of course we started right away with the PRESENTS!

She could hardly choose which one to open next!

The monkey sure got her attention right away.
Mommy only had to help a little bit. Waveland had no problems ripping into her packages!
OOOH...FRIDGE PHONICS!!! Waveland sits in Aunt Jenne's lap and explores her new alphabet magnets.
Not even mommy could block her from getting to her new toys.
Here, Joanna and Mary enjoy some Jelly Bellies.
Dave and Amanda White came to help us celebrate. Dave saved the adults from boredom by bringing a nerf football!
Cousin Edwin had a great time, too, but had to take a break to refuel.
Here're a couple of Grandmas! Barb White and Grandma Schupbach enjoying their Jelly Bellies.
Here's Onna who got to hang out with BOTH of her grandbabies. Here she is with Cousin Paxton.
Alaina and Waveland hanging out.
We didn't have anything to attach Banjo's leash to, so we hooked it to a heavy cooler which she proceeded to drag around while chasing the afore mentioned nerf football.
Grandpa "Elway" Schupbach launches one deep.
Once Grandpa's arm wore out, he had plenty of time left to crawl around with the birthday girl.
Well, cupcake, but whatever.

Waveland was a bit hesitant from the get-go. She slammed her fingers into the frosting, slowly tasted them....
...and burst into tears as everyone broke into a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday".
Then she got REALLY mad! Needless to say, she was not a fan of the birthday cupcake.
Oh well, more leftovers for Daddy!
Speaking of Daddy, here he is blowing some bubbles for Waveland that Dave and Barb got for her.
And finally, the party was over. Or at least, that's what these two thought!
We had a great time, the kids were great, and aside from the cupcake meltdown, Waveland had a ball! Thanks to everyone who came, sent gifts, and/or called to wish our little girl a happy first birthday!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Banjo: A girl's best friend.

For those who have asked, we thought we'd post a couple more pictures of Waveland with her best friend Banjo. They are like two peas in a pod: they both like to crawl and roll on the floor, they both like to eat grass at Wash Park, and they both love baths! Anyway, here are a couple more pictures.

Keep in mind that none of these photos were posed...they are all pictures of the two of them interacting naturally! Like here, for instance, were Waveland practices her climbing ability on Banjo.
Here they are laughing at some jokes we were telling them.
Yep, they're buddies alright.