Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crawling is for Babies!

Waveland has decided that crawling is for babies and would much rather walk. Here she is practicing her cruising technique.
In this photo, Waveland is sporting part of her new Spring attire courtesy of Renee' Benefield.

Waveland was particularly proud of herself after she cruised her way down our love-seat. She moved so quickly that it took a little while for Banjo to realize she was on the other side of her.
Waveland was really concentrating on cruising down the length of her crib. She was taking a break before continuing the rest of the way.

She's getting good at it! Pretty soon, we'll be running like crazy trying to keep up with her!

Mother's Day Pics, etc.

Well, Mother's Day was a bit ago, but here are a couple of pictures from that day, followed by some random pictures.

We spent the afternoon celebrating mother's with Barb (Alaina's mom), Alaina and Eddie, and Rochelle and Waveland as the Guests of Honor (Barb was considered a Guest of Honor, even though it was her house, because she's a GREAT mother!).
Here are the flowers that Waveland bought for her Mommy with her allowance. Isn't she sweet!? She could have gone out and bought a new juice bottle or some pears (her favorite!), but instead, she spent her money on her Mommy.Here they are again...
Here's Jeremy and Jordan, celebrating Mother's Day. They celebrated in this manner for 4 hours! Just another cute picture....
Daddy loves to give Waveland her baths. They play with the rubber ducky and play "Splash". Waveland loves to get Daddy wet, and thinks it's HILARIOUS! The best part of the bath is snuggling up in this great ducky towel from Grandpa and Gramma Schupbach. She loves it!
That's all for now...more to come!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Waveland will absolutely not stop talking about her trip to Texas! She and her mommy got back a couple of weeks ago, and she justs keeps asking when she gets to go back. She had a ton of fun seeing all of her Texas family, playing with her cousins Paxton, Travis, Hayden and Harrison, and even trying some new stuff to eat! More than anything, though, she keeps asking when she gets to see her Onna again!

Here she is with Travis. Waveland wasn't too sure about him in the beginning (as you can see by the look on her face!), but before long, they were having a bunch of fun hanging out on the floor and posing for the camera. Travis is a big Dallas Mavericks fan, if you can't tell!

Waveland's cousins Erin and Travis were able to travel up from Dallas just to see Waveland. That was really cool, because Waveland doesn't get to see her Texas family nearly as much as she wants! An apple chunk! Waveland finally realized what those front teeth were for...scraping apple chunks!

Here's Waveland with her Great-Grandma Davey. Waveland go to hear her Great Grandma sing to her, which is always a treat! There's a big smile for Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Davey! Waveland felt right at home in Great Grandpa's lap!This is how Waveland spent most of her time...with a HUGE smile on her face! There were so many toys and so many people to see!Of course, she did her share of squeeling with delight as well. Onna has some of the best toys and stuff to play with! Waveland has been learning the whole "share" concept. She usually is willing to share anything with you, as long as you immediately share it back! Here she is with her cousing Paxton, sharing one of her favorite toys!Aunt Jenne and Paxton made the trip from Dallas, too. It was great for the cousins to get to hang out. Here's Onna with her grandkids!Waveland thought she was pretty tough, being able to out-party Paxton and all.... ...of course, it didn't take long for her to join him in dreamland! Waveland with her Chicago Cubs bear (that's what Daddy calls it). Waveland loves cameras! Here, Onna is teaching her about focusing and framing your subject. They make a good photographic pair!Speaking of photographic pairs, how about these two! More squeeling with delight...Waveland even got to visit Grandma Ruth! She had a lot of fun with Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Orville. And of course, she got to see her Papa Roger! This is a cute picture, but don't be deceived...she has a very special place in her heart for her Papa.
Waveland is already talking about her next trip south! She loves Texas! We're not sure if she'll be a Denver City Girl or a Texas Country Girl, but right now she's content having it both ways!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fashion Show, Part II

Most of you should remember that before Waveland was born, Jordan's aunt Marge and cousin Hannah threw a baby shower for us. You may also remember that one of the many activities for everyone was decorating onesies. So now, for the SECOND time ever (read about the first time by clicking here), Waveland Eliza struts her stuff and shows off the latest fashions, as designed by the party attendants.

First off, this simple yet elegant onesie designed especially for Waveland by Denise Castillo. Denise knows Rochelle's love and talent for music and for the Lord, and wanted to incorporate those things into Waveland's wardrobe. Waveland loves this one!Next up, Leah Hansen's design for Waveland reflects her parents more idealistic side (that's a nice way to say "hippie"). Waveland has been working on all three of these things. She's got Love and Happiness down, and has been writing letters to her local and national politicians about the whole Peace thing. Thanks for the inspiration, Leah!
Waveland is also a big fan of this number, designed by her Great Aunt Kay Ulrich. It's a two-part ensemble, the first being the front which says "You are La Favorita". La Favorita is many things, (i.e. spanish for "The Favorite") and also a name of Jordan's favorite coffee blend roasted by the great coffee roastery Just Beans Coffee, owned by Kay and her husband Bob.
Special note: To avoid confusion, Waveland is not Spanish.
Part two of the ensemble is the back, with intricately drawn coffee mugs in multi-colors. Who knew coffee could be so cute!?
This final onesie needs no witty or funny comment.
And here she is, going for the bowling pins. Homer Simpson would be so proud....
Thanks again to everyone, and especially to Hannah and Marge for making us feel so special that day!