Sunday, January 27, 2008


Recently, Waveland has been having a great time playing with her toys...

...had a visit from Grandpa and Gramma Schupbach...

...played with daddy...

...gotten some new toys... ...looked cute...
...and learned to fight when you try to take her toys away!

Solid foods!

I guess the first thing you must understand about solid foods for babies is that they are not "solid" foods at all. They are runny, or pastey at best. At least at the stage Waveland is at they are. Nonetheless, being the outstanding parents we are, we strapped Waveland into her chair to introduce her to her new friend "Rice Cereal".

The following is an interpretation of Waveland's thoughts during the process, courtesy of her parents:

"Mmmmm, yeah....solid foods, bring it on! Cause I'm a big girl, and big girls eat solid foods..." "What the heck is that stuff? I thought you said 'solid foods'? I was thinking cake or pie or something! That looks like mushed up paper or something!"
"Whoa! Where are you going with that spoon!?! You expect me to put that in my mouth? Where are the bananas? The sweet potatoes? What are you, first time parents!?"
"Just as I suspected....mushed up paper..."
"You're not very good with that spoon, dad!"

"Actually, the consistency is rather tempting, with strong notes of saffron and sage and even a hint of honey. The undertone of earth is evident, with varying and subtle degrees of cinnamon and spice and everything nice. Overall, an interesting flavor..."
"Playtime! Now we're talking! I like this whole 'getting to know your new environment' stuff!"

"I wonder if I grabbed the bowl like this and slowly dumped it..."

"...and poured the contents onto my highchair tray..."

"...yep...just as I suspected. The bowl is now empty!"

"Hey! What's a girl gotta do to get a refill in this place!?"

And her she is, somewhat cleaned up and ready for action.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time for some pictures!

Time for some pictures!
The last 2 weeks have been exciting times for Waveland! She's gotten to try out some new stuff and she got some new toys. She's finicky, and seems to pick a new favorite toy every day. Lately, however, she's REALLY been enjoying this "bouncy-bounce" thing. She can stand up, spin around, play with lots of different things, and Mommy can actually do the dishes or clean a bit!

We were very blessed to have gotten a bunch of toys from the daughters-in-law of Jordan's boss, John. They have kids just a bit older, so they passed their toys to Waveland! Does she seem grateful? This is what Waveland looks like a split second before she sneezes. Waveland got her first kitchen sink bath at Grandpa and Gramma Schupbach's house. She loved the deeper water and the newfound ability to splash her parents! She's also sitting up all by herself REALLY well! So well, in fact, that she sits in her highchair all by herself now! Well, she usually slumps a bit to her right and ends up sucking on the highchair table, but she's doing better all the time. She LOVES this new book, which was given to her by her Aunt Beth and Uncle Bryan. Here she is, sporting her mocassins and beautiful winter onesie from her Grandpa and Gramma Schupbach, sitting all by herself again.
After spending time with her cousin Lenora over Christmas, she's decided to try more 'big girl' things. Here she is taking after her dancing cousin Lenora. Hey Aunt Becca..."whas dis called?".