Thursday, November 8, 2007


There's snow on the mountains, so we took our first trip up into them. Jeremy and Alaina and the 3 of us went to Dillon, CO to do some shopping, visit the legendary Dillon Dam Brewery, and generally get some mountain air. Here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of Jeremy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Flashback to Moving Day...

Well we did it. We've moved back to Colorado.

Moving day was BUSY! You never know how much stuff you have until you try to move it all! Penske was kind enough to rent us a huge truck, which we promptly filled. This would probably be a great time to thank Grandpa (Jordan's dad) and Josiah (Jordan's cousin) for the moving help!
This pile was MUCH larger, but we kept at it and slowly got everything out.
Here's Jordan, bossing people around like he's in charge or something!
Finally, we can see the floor again!For those of you who worried about Waveland on moving day, you needn't have. She was safe and warm in the loving arms of her Great Grandma Schupbach. Here they are enjoying the porch swing. Waveland drifted off to sleep while Great Grandma soothed her like only a Great Grandma can! It was a huge help having Great Grandma babysit so the rest of us could concentrate on the move.
For those of you worried about Banjo on moving day, you were probably right in doing so. She absolutely insisted on driving the truck and locked us out at a gas station in Nebraska until Jordan promised to let her take over for a while. Surprisingly enough, she's actually a pretty good driver.

One thing to note: When driving a 26,000 pound truck 75mph through Nebraska with a nervous 80 pound golden retriever riding shotgun, do not try to slap the fly that has landed on the passenger window.

Soon to come are pictures of our new house. We think it's going to be great! Aside from one night of Jordan sleeping on the couch so he could make sure Banjo didn't puke on the new carpet again and could get her outside quickly since she had the runs, things have gone very smoothly!

Banjo has finally stopped growling at everything that moves, Jordan has gotten a great job which will allow Rochelle to stay at home with Waveland, and Waveland has developed a rather strong crush on her Uncle Jeremy!

Hey Waveland, do you like living in Colorado?
Thought so.