Monday, September 24, 2007

For Joel and Kate Gudeman

Untitled from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Some new pictures.

Here are some recent pictures of Waveland hangin' out with her Illinois Family.

This is the first time she got to hang out with her Aunt Kay. Just when we thought she was going to sleep the event away...

...Waveland pulled out this big old smile, which she'd been saving just for Kay! Here's Grandpa holding her at her Dedication ceremony.Here she is with Mommy. She spends the night in her bassinnett, but sometimes gets to spend a morning nap laying next to her mommy.Daddy's chest is always a good spot, too.
How about a couple of family shots?

You were watching what!?

Untitled from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

From Aunt Alaina

Aunt Alaina (soon to be MOMMY!) recently sent us some pictures from our visit to Colorado. We took our camera, but somebody (Jordan) forgot the charger, so we basically got zero pictures of our own. Thanks for sending these along, Alaina!

Here's Waveland just hanging out. She's become more content just laying around, and generally takes the opportunity to kick her legs and wave her arms as frantically as possible. I think she's trying to take after her Aunt Becca and become a dancer. Or maybe like her Uncle Jonah...they both have a great "shimmy".
She also LOVES to lay on top of people. Sometimes, she'll fall asleep and spend her naptime on her daddy's chest.Other times, she just wants to suck on somebody's shirt. She also is learning to love "tummy time". It gives her a chance to practice push ups and show off the back of her halter top.
Here's her "Cool Colorado Morning" outfit, complete with a really cute hat from Dave and Barb White. She loved wearing the hat, and it fit her perfectly!A final smile for the camera...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The secret to a peaceful plane ride.

We just got back from a quick trip to Colorado to see Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alaina. Waveland did great on the trip, and, for the most part, really enjoyed the airplane ride. She especially like the part where she pooped all over her dad at 14,000ft between Kansas City and Chicago, but that's a blog for another time.

Anyway, here's a little tip for plane travel. When your infant cries...feed her.

Before eating... from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

After eating... from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Guess who got a new toy!!

New Toy! from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Holy Crap!

Remember in my previous post I mentioned how Waveland was really apprehensive about the speed of the train and not being in her car seat? Here's proof.

Holy Crap! from Jordan Schupbach and Vimeo.

First trip to Wrigley!

That's right! Waveland made her first trip to Wrigley Field to see her beloved Cubs battle the stinky Houston Astros. As you can tell by this picture, she and her daddy are SUPER excited! We had to catch a train at about 7am to get to Chicago on time for the game, which means we started getting ready at 5am! Gone are the days when the two of us could just throw on some clothes and hop in the car and be gone. Now we have to remember the cute outfit and the pacifier and a burp cloth and a second burp cloth and her socks and some warmer clothes and enough diapers and the wipes and the diaper rash stuff and a cute hat and sunscreen and, oh yeah, the baby! It was close, but as you can see, we made it to the train on time.
Waveland was totally pumped about the trip! She got to wear some cool new clothes including her new "My First Cubs Tee" shirt, courtesy of her buddy Jack Fein. Yep, she was feelin' pretty cool in her new duds.
I spent a lot of time telling her about the city of Chicago, the history of Wrigley Field, and the importance of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. I also explained train travel to her. I told her how fast the trains went and she was like, "WHAT!? No seatbelts!"
Here we are at Wrigley. It's a beautiful ballpark, full of history and charm and $5 hot dogs and $6 warm beer. Ah yes, there's nothing like Wrigley Field. Hey! Check out that street sign! Hmm....who knew?
We didn't make it through the whole game, but that was fine. The Cubs won 5-4 and I'm pretty sure I heard Cubs Manager Lou Piniella say something in the post game interview about dedicating the game to Waveland Schupbach.

She didn't hear it...she was sleeping. But she's certainly on her way to being a life-long Cubs fan.

Here she is...

Oh gosh, she's cute. Here she is in her cute little skirt and new pink tennies.Here she is right after I told her to pretend she was running really, really fast in her new tennies.
Here she is in her jeans and top from Aunt Jenne.
And here she is, worn out from a tough day of eating, pooping, and crying.