Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2 new pictures...

Just a couple quick shots of Waveland. Please notice the shoes (thanks, Onna)!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

A trip to see Grandma and Grandpa Great!

On the absolute spur of the moment, we decided to drive to Grandma and Grandpa Great's house in Mattoon for dinner. We thought it would be a good chance to slowly break Waveland into car travel (a 2 hour trip) before we drove to Texas in November (a 14 hour trip). She did really well! She loves car rides, apparently, and seems destined to be a drifter or gypsy or carnival worker if she continues her love of the road. Willie Nelson would be proud.

Here are a couple of pictures of Waveland with her Grandma and Grandpa Great!

Thanks for letting us visit, Grandpa and Grandma. We had a great time! Even during the 1 hour meltdown at Cody's Steakhouse!

Other times...

Other times, she hungry or tired or poopy or cranky or gassy or mad or bored or feeling left out or overstimulated or understimulated or the price of gas goes up or she can't play with Banjo or the neighbors are having a party at 2am, etc.
These are the exciting times!
We often play a game called "Let's Pretend We're Good Parents and Know How to Care for Our Child!" It's a fun game, and you never know how it's going to turn out.

Sometimes, all she needs to do is lay next to her mommy...
And sometimes she just needs a finger to practice her sucking.
Yep. It's quite an adventure, raising little Miss Waveland.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A visit from Jack!

Last night, we had a great visit with our friends Adam and Kelly Fein. They just had their first kid, Jack, about 8 months ago. Waveland was really excited to meet Jack based on her rapid leg kicking and arm waving. Notice how she stares longingly at the back of his head...
This picture was taken right after we told Waveland that it was time for Jack to go home.
Hey guys, thanks for the dinner, the company, the presents, and your friendship! Hopefully we can travel to Urbana to see you soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Sometimes, when her belly is full and her diaper is clean and she isn't too hot and she isn't too cold and Banjo isn't trying to lick her, little Waveland can look so peaceful and content.

Especially when she's holding Mommy...
sleeping with/on Daddy...
sleeping with/on Mommy...
with her grandpa...
or with her grandma.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Fashion Show, Part I

A couple of months ago, Jordan's aunt Marge and cousin Hannah threw a baby shower for us. It was a great time, and one of the activities for everyone was decorating onesies. So now, for the first time ever, Waveland Eliza struts her stuff and shows off the latest fashions, as designed by the party attendants.

First up, this flashy number designed by Tom Hansen. Any baby would be proud to cast a line while wearing this onesie featuring an original puffy-painting by Tom. Notice Waveland's hand movements as she pretends to swim in the water.
Next up, a double sided number designed exclusively for Waveland by cousin Hannah Hansen. While the front of the onesie serves to proudly introduce herself to the world....
...the back gives props to her designer-cousin Hannah.
Great Grandpa Schupbach lent his artistic style to this little outfit, writing a personal message to Waveland in his signature style. While none of the party attendants could definitively decipher the text, we're sure Waveland got the message. This picture was taken right after we told her that she wouldn't be able to visit her Great Grandpa Schupbach that day.
Surprise designer Michelle Pollitt made this flashy number, referencing the be-bop era. Waveland practices her right-handed vulcan greeting while stretching her fat little legs to accommodate the groovy outfit.
But Michelle wasn't done there. This second design features a flip-flop puffy-painting with a question for daddy printed on the front. Rochelle has a habit of posing this question to Jordan each morning, and Michelle thought it appropriate to help Waveland carry on the tradition. This outfit won the Overall Best Design award at the party.
Waveland gives her coy look while wearing the simple and to the point onesie designed by, of course, Great Grandma Schupbach. Also visible in this picture is the quilt that Great Grandma Schupbach gave to Waveland to keep her warm in her crib. Thanks, Grandma!

Always one for inclusion, Grandma Schupbach makes sure that Waveland gets love from Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and even Japan. She's a lucky girl to be loved by so many people in so many places.
Finally, aunt Marge gives a touch of nature to her design, as well as referencing the game of Scrabble! Waveland is obviously pleased with this number, which Marge was gracious enough to personally sign on the rear-end.

That does it for this round! We'll have another showing of the onesies when she fits into them, probably in about 6 months or so. Thanks everyone, and especially to Hannah and Marge for pulling the whole thing off!

A visit from Onna

Ah, the porch swing. (sigh)

This is Waveland and Onna's special spot. They sing songs together and talk about Texas until Waveland falls asleep. Apparently, Waveland really enjoys the outdoors. She seems to be the calmest when convening with nature. I guess she comes by it naturally. Who knew!

Here are Onna and Waveland stylin' and profilin'. Onna brought Waveland this hip little cherry onesie. Onna had to go back to Texas today, and Waveland is really unhappy about it. "Who will do my hair?!" she screams. We're all counting the days until Thanksgiving, when Waveland gets to make her first trip to Texas!

Days? Nights? Who cares!

Little Waveland seems to be confused about her days and nights. And these smiles seem to indicated that she couldn't be less concerned about it.

(Please excuse the focus issues. I swear at 3am they were perfectly in focus.)

What a difference 37 weeks makes...

We took pictures of Rochelle every week of her pregnancy so we could watch the physical progress she made. Here she is at 13 weeks. Notice the excited smile and the air of anticipation. Also notice Banjo, the golden retriever, who is absolutely distraught when somebody takes a picture without her.

Now check her out at 40 weeks. Notice the difference in expression.

And here are mother and daughter.