Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here are some Christmas photos from Illinois. Waveland had a great time and made quite a haul! In fact, we're not sure it's all going to fit in the car...

She was a bit startled at first by all of the flashing lights and Christmas carols and brightly colored packages...
...but she soon figured out that some of those presents were for HER!
We got a video call from Joanna in Japan, and we all got a chance to video chat with her on the computer.
Waveland was especially excited to see her, and actually tried to crawl through the computer in the hopes of ending up in Japan!

Great Grandpa and Grandma Schupbach were the perfect hosts, as always, and we all had a great time at their home.

Here's Great Grandma Schupbach in her favorite room in the house...the kitchen!

And the results of her handiwork!
Christmas was great! We have many more pictures to post here, so check back soon. Waveland asked that we pass on her love to all of our family in Texas and her wishes for a great Christmas.

We should also pass on our gratitude to Jordan's cousin Leah, the photographer extraordinaire! She took all of these, and many more, great photos at Christmas. Thanks, Leah!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Waveland and Banjo

Some of you have asked how Banjo and Waveland get along. The general answer to that question has typically been that Banjo pretty much ignores Waveland. That is, Banjo gains neither pleasure nor discomfort from Waveland's existence. Waveland is merely a noisy alarm clock which occasionally requires Banjo to move to another room.

Then one day, Waveland actually noticed Banjo. And what's more, Banjo actually noticed Waveland noticing her! Waveland was no longer just an accessory that Rochelle wore on her hip...she was now another potential playmate!

These days, Waveland often smiles and squeals when Banjo enters a room. She'll lock eyes with Banjo and watch as Banjo chews on her bone or does other dog things. And Banjo spends a lot of time trying to taste Waveland's outstretched arms, to which one can only respond "No Licking!"

Don't Lick! from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Of course, Banjo occasionally gets a lick in. And Waveland occasionally sneaks in a lip tug.

Lip tug from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More Snow!

Yep, we got some more. Nothing major, just 5 inches or so, but it makes everything beautiful and helps the Christmas spirit really come alive!

Waveland loves the snow! She holds it in her hands and stares at it and makes lots of noises which will someday become words. She loves it! So, we got her all dressed up in her new bear snow outfit, and she ventured out with her mommy (though she appears to have a huge body and a small head, it's actually just that the bear outfit has a lot of room to grow).
She can't actually move her arms or legs very well in her bear suit (think Ralphie's little brother Randy in the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story"), so we just wrapped her up for some quick outdoor pictures with mommy!
Please note the beautiful hand made stocking cap, courtesy of Great Grandma Schupbach! It's the only hat we have that still fits her rapidly growing noggin, and luckily, she loves it!
Also note how cozy and warm and comfortable little Waveland is wrapped in her new fuzzy blanket from Aunt Penny!
Before long she'll be playing in the snow all by herself. Well, she might have a 80lb golden retriever to help her dig snow caves, but they'll have to work that out between themselves.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Milestone!

We've hit another milestone with little Waveland. She recently discovered that she had toes on the ends of her feet. And now, finally, after weeks of stretching exercises, she's able to put them in her mouth, making her thumb virtually obsolete!

Another Milestone! from Jordan Schupbach on Vimeo.

Here're some more photos of the action:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finally! A new post!

Sorry for the delay; things have been a bit hectic around here lately. We've had a vacation to Texas for Thanksgiving, gotten 4 month shots for Waveland, passed the stomach virus around the house to everyone except Banjo, and so on. Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip to Texas!

Waveland got to meet her Papa for the first time! She was very excited!

Check out the new boots that Onna got for Waveland! Here's Waveland showing off her new boots to Grandma Ruth.

Waveland also got to meet her new cousin, Paxton, for the first time. Here she is trying to steal his pacifier. When she couldn't get his pacifier, she settled for his fingers. Paxton didn't seem to mind.Waveland had a great time hanging out with Aunt Penny, too. She's so funny!Waveland is really putting effort into her tummy time these days, as you can tell by the extended tongue.

Here's Paxton, paying Waveland back for the finger sucking incident by attempting to steal her ribbon. She's not having it.Aunt Jenne!
Grandma D had a great time reading to Waveland.
She loved to stare at Grandpa D, too!
Here are the moms and new babies in the family all smiling for a different camera! Paxton is the only one looking at me (thanks, Paxton!).
Onna with her girls, and ladies man Paxton.

Happy Holidays, from Banjo.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


There's snow on the mountains, so we took our first trip up into them. Jeremy and Alaina and the 3 of us went to Dillon, CO to do some shopping, visit the legendary Dillon Dam Brewery, and generally get some mountain air. Here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of Jeremy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Flashback to Moving Day...

Well we did it. We've moved back to Colorado.

Moving day was BUSY! You never know how much stuff you have until you try to move it all! Penske was kind enough to rent us a huge truck, which we promptly filled. This would probably be a great time to thank Grandpa (Jordan's dad) and Josiah (Jordan's cousin) for the moving help!
This pile was MUCH larger, but we kept at it and slowly got everything out.
Here's Jordan, bossing people around like he's in charge or something!
Finally, we can see the floor again!For those of you who worried about Waveland on moving day, you needn't have. She was safe and warm in the loving arms of her Great Grandma Schupbach. Here they are enjoying the porch swing. Waveland drifted off to sleep while Great Grandma soothed her like only a Great Grandma can! It was a huge help having Great Grandma babysit so the rest of us could concentrate on the move.
For those of you worried about Banjo on moving day, you were probably right in doing so. She absolutely insisted on driving the truck and locked us out at a gas station in Nebraska until Jordan promised to let her take over for a while. Surprisingly enough, she's actually a pretty good driver.

One thing to note: When driving a 26,000 pound truck 75mph through Nebraska with a nervous 80 pound golden retriever riding shotgun, do not try to slap the fly that has landed on the passenger window.

Soon to come are pictures of our new house. We think it's going to be great! Aside from one night of Jordan sleeping on the couch so he could make sure Banjo didn't puke on the new carpet again and could get her outside quickly since she had the runs, things have gone very smoothly!

Banjo has finally stopped growling at everything that moves, Jordan has gotten a great job which will allow Rochelle to stay at home with Waveland, and Waveland has developed a rather strong crush on her Uncle Jeremy!

Hey Waveland, do you like living in Colorado?
Thought so.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Excited about Halloween!

Waveland got this great little number from her Aunt Joanna. It says "The littlest pumpkins have the biggest grins". Just to prove the shirt was right, Waveland gave us this little grin when we snapped this picture.
So in the spirit of Halloween, we thought we'd have Waveland do some acting.
This is her making a silly face:Here's her "You're going to put that thermometer WHERE!?" face:This is just her being cute:
Here are her Halloween socks from Aunt Becca and Uncle Jonah:
This is the face she makes when she thinks about breastmilk.
This is her face when she eats too much breastmilk!
Okay, now wave goodbye!

Thanks for the cute outfit, Aunt Joanna!

Incidentally, Waveland is adjusting to Colorado living just fine. We were worried that her schedule might be thrown completely out the window, but she's actually sleeping really well at night and taking naps better than ever! Banjo, on the other hand, is a nervous wreck, but that's a story for another time...